Schools and Universities: Place Your Order For The 2024-2025 Academic Year!

Place Your Order For 2024-2025 Academic Year!

(EV1) Stainless Steel Evogen® Dual Feminine Hygiene Dispenser

  • Modern, streamlined design
  • ADA-compliant push button dispense
  • Front loading on the door for easier and faster restocking
  • Empty indicator lights (uses one 9-volt battery included)
  • Coin return when empty or when an incorrect coin is used
  • Available with Free vend or 25¢ coin mechanism
  • Dispenses both sanitary napkins and tampons
  • Dispenses (14) Size #4 Box Sanitary Napkins & (22) Tampons
  • Adjustable tampon channel to accommodate future product opportunities
  • Available in white metal or stainless steel
  • 25-cent vend includes coin box lock and key
  • Covered by one or more of the following patents:  US Patent Nos.: 9,501,888 _ 9,721,419_9,779,574_10,062,236_10,424,146_11,004,297

All Evogen® FREE vendors include a patented factory-programmed delay of 8-12 seconds to reset the push button. The push button will reset with a click sound. The reset feature will discourage abuse and over-dispensing.

Temperature and humidity can affect the time delay setting

To adjust the time delay, a Phillips screwdriver is provided. A slight adjustment to the time delay screw, clockwise or counterclockwise, will result in a 2-second change.

  • To increase the time delay: turn the screw clockwise ever so slightly.
  • To decrease time delay: turn the screw counterclockwise ever so slightly.
  • Do not tighten the screw entirely clockwise or the dispenser will not operate.
  • Turning the time delay screw counterclockwise will eliminate the delay completely. Do not remove the screw.

Dimensions: 14"W x 26"H x 5-5/8"D

Weight: 24.90 lbs.

Manufacturer: HOSPECO

Note: Due to high demand lead times for dispensers is between 1-4 months, and are subject to change.