Dotstash: Periods Can Be a Positive Thing

Goodbye period panic, hello dotstash

Destigmatizing the topic of menstruation, Dotstash imagines a world where menstruators feel supported, making comfortable organic menstrual products accessible in public spaces.


Menstrual equity compliance for schools & universities

Each school year, over 5.6 million girls in the U.S. start their period each month—but for too many, that means going without the products they need to manage their period and stay in class. Dotstash is leading the way by helping schools & universities achieve menstrual equity compliance with dispensers and regular deliveries of menstrual products.

Dotstash Mission for Menstrual Equity - Woman Climbing Wall

Bringing menstruation out in the open

Stigma is the main reason that women shy away from talking about their periods, and it’s a major obstacle in making menstrual products more accessible to everyone. At Dotstash, we are working towards changing this by bringing periods out of the closet and into everyday conversations.