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10 Tips to Preventing Bathroom Vandalism While Making Menstrual Products Accessible

It's reasonable to have concerns about the possible misuse or vandalism of menstrual products when providing them for free in school restrooms. However, to ensure the successful implementation of menstrual equity legislation, it's important to approach this issue with a balanced perspective that supports the needs of those who menstruate. Here are a few tips that can help address these concerns:

1) Education and Awareness: Implement educational programs that promote understanding, respect, and empathy regarding menstrual health and hygiene. This can help foster a positive environment and reduce the likelihood of misuse or vandalism. Encourage open conversations about menstruation and its normalcy to combat stigma and misconceptions.

2) Providing Sufficient Supplies:  Ensure an adequate and consistent supply of menstrual products is available to meet the needs of students. This reduces the likelihood of desperation or the need to take more than necessary, which could lead to misuse.

3) Placement and Security: Strategically place the menstrual product dispensers or storage areas in well-monitored and visible locations within the restroom to deter vandalism and misuse.

4) Install Durable Dispensers: Invest in durable fixtures and materials for your school bathrooms to minimize opportunities for vandalism. Opt for tamper-resistant and impact-resistant menstrual product dispensers. These measures not only deter acts of vandalism but also reduce the frequency of repair and replacement, ultimately saving the school valuable resources.

5) Clear Rules and Consequences:  Clearly communicate and enforce the rules regarding proper restroom etiquette and the consequences of vandalism or misuse. Ensure that students understand the importance of respecting shared facilities and the potential disciplinary actions for any violations. 

6) Encourage Reporting and Anonymous Tip Lines: Create a culture of accountability by encouraging students and staff to report any instances of vandalism they witness or become aware of. Implement anonymous tip lines where individuals can report incidents without fear of retaliation. You can use the menstrual equity signage to educate and provide contact information to report such instances. California schools can download a free AB367 Restroom Signage Template on our website. Promptly investigate and take appropriate action against those responsible for vandalism to reinforce the seriousness of such behavior.

7) Peer Monitoring: Encourage a sense of collective responsibility and ownership among students. Designate trusted students or peer mentors who can monitor the restrooms periodically and report any issues promptly. This peer-to-peer accountability can discourage misuse and create a positive social environment.

8) Staff Support: Ensure that staff members are educated and trained on the importance of menstrual equity and maintaining a respectful environment in the restrooms. Staff should be prepared to address any concerns or incidents promptly, providing guidance and support when necessary.

9) Community Engagement:  Involve parents, guardians, and the broader community in supporting menstrual equity initiatives. Foster a sense of shared responsibility and encourage open dialogue to address any concerns or misconceptions they may have.

10) Remember the Purpose: Lastly, the overall goal of menstrual equity legislation is to ensure access to menstrual products for those who need them. By promoting education, awareness, and a respectful environment, schools can help minimize the potential for misuse or vandalism while creating an inclusive and supportive atmosphere for all students.

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